Wizkid “Made in Lagos” beats BTS to become number one world album

Wizkid Made in lagos Album

Wizkid dropped a masterpiece with “Made in Lagos” and we are here to witness all the wins that album will accumulate. MIL is currently the number one album in the World album list. This is wizkid first number one world album and he beat BTS to attain it.

From Ginger, to reckless, to essence, MIL is a timeless bop. Wizkid said it was going to his best album yet and he delivered, effortlessly. With the recent remix of essence with Justin Bieber, it seems the album is not going anywhere soon.

The Korean group, BTS came in at number 2,3, and 5. With Essence raking up more pure sales than ever and moving to number 16 on Billboard Hot 100, it seems Wizkid might have a run for Grammys with this album.

Wizkid dropped Made in Lagos last year October and ten months later, the album is still breaking records for Afrobeats.

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