Wives, Stop Fighting the Side Chick, Face Your Husband!!

In more than so many cases and so many ways, a side chick outperforms the wife at home and the reason is that most married women already feel accomplished…of course, they’ve got the man!

But then if you’ve ‘got’ the man, has he ‘got’ you?

Or does it seem like he’s got so many others like you that are more sophisticated?

I mean, you know the type of man that he was before you agreed to his marriage proposal. You went ahead and said yes, perhaps with hopes that once you both were pronounced husband and wife, things will change for the better.

Well, reality has set in and you can now see that a wedding ring or even vows on the Lord’s altar cannot change a man who makes no effort to change. You are unhappy and the marriage has lost every last spark so tey you both are more like roommates.

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He has stopped dropping housekeeping money. In fact, he has even forgotten that he has children to take care of. For you to get ten Naira from him alone, you have to make all the trouble in the world. Yet, you heard that he is spending all his money on one chick outside; taking her shopping and buying really expensive items for her. Items, the cost of which will pay the children’s fees for the term and leave change.

So you arm yourself and go out to war to disgrace the side chick in public. Ha! Madam, you are making situations worse.

In fact, after you must have given side chick “hot hot” in public, your husband will go to her and apologise for your behaviour in more cash and Naira.

Do you know what that means?

He will compensate her with plenty money for the public disgrace while you will be left looking like the fool and heavens help you if your husband is not the abusive type.

Madam, leave Sisi Peperempe alone! Thinking and fighting all your husband’s side chicks will do worse things to you. It will have an adverse effect on your health and your peace of mind.

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So what do you do? You will not like to hear this but the best is to “temporarily” keep a little distance from him while praying to God for help. Because if you continue fighting all the Peperempes to show that you are not a preacher of love, you are the war, the liquid metal, one day you may just slump and we will be singing, “We shall meet again soon” for you.

Be wise. This life, you only have one of it and when it’s gone, there is no reversal. But if you have spare lives, kindly disregard the advice. Go about and let them know that ten Peperempes no reach you.

The Lord is your strength!

Happy Father’s day!

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