Why Do People Always Choose Evil To Repay Good?

We often wonder why it is that most of our kind gestures are met with terrible reactions or attitudes and even sometimes met with a totally opposite action from what we had intended. This is not new and everybody gets this at some point in their lives.

Jesus in the Bible tells a parable of a servant who owed his master ten thousand talents but when he couldn’t pay, the master ordered to have him, his wife and children, and all his property sold so that the payment could be made.

The servant fell on his knees and begged for patience and mercy to be shown to him. The master was moved with compassion and decided to release him and forget the debt.

This servant, now debt-cleared went on his way jubilating and then met a fellow servant like him who owed him a hundred. He asked, “Ogbeni, what about my money o? Oya, bring it, I need it now.”

The other fell down at his feet, begging, “Please, exercise patience with me. My wife just delivered, my father-in-law is sick, the roof of our house came crashing down last night. Please, bear with me, I will pay.”

The other servant didn’t even listen; he had his fellow servant thrown into prison one time! He didn’t remember that someone else had shown him mercy.

Despite the lesson of this parable and others, we still live in a world where we treat others harshly over matters where mercy could have taken place.

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Not quite long, a certain story made rounds on social media. It was about a woman who asked for financial help to be able to treat her son of his sickness. What she needed for treatment was only half a million Naira but too many people had heard of her case and contributed to it so that she got a total of six million Naira.

That same week, another mother reached out to the first woman for help for her own child’s medical bills but the first woman told her bluntly that there was no money to give.

Concerned people who heard of it reached out to the first woman and asked how she was able to spend six million Naira in the same week and she responded that after paying for her son’s medical bills, she had used the rest to buy a house and a car. All in one week! Haba, Madam, fear God.

Now, whether or not this story is true, it still shows that there are people who will never extend the kindness they had received to others. No matter how much we try to twist it, kindness to others go a long way.

The world might be turning to what nature had not intended, but we can individually make things better by taking deliberate steps. This is our collective job!

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