Who Has the Most Power Over a Woman, Man Who Gives Her Money Or Man Who Gives Her Orgasm?

Who has the most power of control over a woman?

After studying one’s partner for a while in the relationship, you’re able to control them to some extent because of the power you wield over them for the simple pleasure they get from you that only you are in charge of.

I know a young woman who would travel several miles to visit her broke lover simply because the sex is too good. Also, there are women who don’t care two hoots for anything else but the bag(money). I think this is called the “Mumu Button“.

Women are mostly submissive only to whoever gives them what they want. Most men these days can’t even “loot” properly a woman’s warehouse talkless of giving her an org🤦‍♂️

So, between a man who gives her money and the man who can actually make her “cum”, who has the most power over a woman?

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