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Uti Nwachukwu Slams Men Who Date Media-Hungry Women and Later Cry Online

by Sola Legend

Nigerian media personality, Uti Nwachukwu has slammed men who date/ marry media hungry women then come later to cry on social media when the issues kick in.
Uti mentioned that his gender constantly makes him laugh because of the things they do. According to Uti, men constantly look for trouble where there is none, then come on social media expecting justice or some sort of sympathy.

In a lengthy tweet, he said; LMAO, you go ahead and marry someone that EVERYONE knows loves attention and the media and tomorrow u come out and cry about that same trait? Are some peeps constantly high? You make your bed yet you don’t want to lay on it? Now you come to social media market place to seek for what?


Justice? Sympathy? Smh..You see ehn sometimes my gender dey make me laugh I can bet that if it was Adam that ate that fruit first, he would have not been able to convince Eve to eat it with him! Na so God for banish only man from Eden Eden for be like wonder woman village. Man for they suffer they toil the earth MAYBE them go come dey serve their semen for vile drop am for gate on Eden. Angel go give am to the women

. Them go raise the girl babies for Eden. If them born Boy, them go cast am out to the men to raise Cos im not understanding how men keep making the same mistake over and over and OVER AGAIN! Tomorrow you will say u married a witch that wants to drain you. Just chop ur L in peace and say ignored the red flags because you were infatuated by beauty,Body and her status gee. It happens to EVERYONE.

But if we are going to be honest, It happens to both Genders. My own is that the world is changing. To fight this change is to be delusional. If you are not sure u can be with someone for the rest of your life, HAVE YOUR OWN KIDS So that even if you divorce, they are urs and No one can use them to manipulate and frustrate you in the future. The options are vast.

Male or female get your children (sperm bank, surrogacy) Sign Prenuptial agreements! Cos like Adekunle said – LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH Abeg I de go chop Akara, e don do.

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