Three signs that shows you are in a toxic relationship


We get so caught up in love, we sometimes overlook obvious red flags that show we are in a toxic relationship. We have put together three signs to look out for. When you notice these signs in your relationship, it is time to get out.

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  • 1. It is a toxic relationship if you are always feeling on edge. Once there is always tension, you feel anxious when they walk into the room, you should leave. If you always have to calculate what you say, to avoid annoying your partner, you need to get out of that relationship. You shouldn’t walk on eggshells in your relationship. This tension can cost your physical and emotional health.
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  • 2. If he/she purposely ignores your requests, you should leave because you are in a toxic relationship. When you tell your partner you are uncomfortable with a particular thing and they turn a deaf ear, you should get out of that relationship. Ignoring this sign will only worsen the situation in the long run.
  • 3. If your partner is exhibiting controlling behaviour, that is a toxic relationship. If your partner is always questioning your whereabouts, if he/she goes through your call log or makes comments that scare you and they don’t consider it wrong, you should leave.

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In the event that you are experiencing any of these signs in your relationship, make sure to confide in a trusted friend or family member. A toxic relationship escalates quickly and can turn physical. Make sure to leave as soon as you notice any of the signs mentioned above. Don’t wait till your self-worth is diminished.

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