This Life is Personal, Don’t Mess Things Up Thinking You’ve Got People

As much as we want to grow up and be the actual person we always dreamed of, it is highly profitable to think of the consequences of each and every one of the little decisions that build up in time to get us there.

Every individual has their own personal disposition to life. While some believe that getting to their destined future requires adequate planning, some want to take it by force.

A lot of young folks end up committing suicide after failed money ritual attempts or after they realise that they have really messed things up. It is better to die than to be disgraced, they think.

While I was growing up, there was a mad(psychotic) man that roamed around my secondary school named Boro. There was also a very rich man who owned a very large steel company in the same area.

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Rumour had it that Boro and this man attempted money rituals together and while one made it through successfully, the other ran mad.

We sometimes fail at certain tasks but in most cases, we trust that someone somewhere would always show up for us no matter what.

Let’s even leave financial plans aside, you can be in the wrong place and mess things up temporarily or permanently for your life.

This Life is Personal, Don't Mess Things Up Thinking You've Got People

Some people jump into situations they have no business being in but…well, they always manage to come out of it safely. I once had a friend who would intentionally look for trouble because nobody dared to touch him, he had a brother who was not only a soldier but was also tall and heavily built.

Apart from those deliberately looking for trouble, there are times you just mess things up from simple life enjoyments.

A gentleman just got a well-paying job and he thought…oh, life is finally balanced! This is not a new thing as opportunities abound everywhere and one can be uplifted from poverty into affluence even within the twinkle of an eye.

He upgraded his life as expected…new clothes, new apartment, he also got himself a car. Life has now finally kicked off at 35…Lol!

Meanwhile, before he got the job, everyone knew he had nothing but his people. They came through and still showed up even after he could now fend for himself. The love from his family and even friends was massive until he MESSED up!

Now, apart from upgrading his life, he picked up new hobbies as well. Some say you never know your true self until you start making big money.

People will always show up to help no matter how bad your crime is until it’s a total mess that’ll see everyone ending up in the mud.

Some of your people will even show up to help when they know it’s totally wrong to do so but they know in their mind that it is totally a no-go area. They simply want to let you see them as the last set of “helpers” after everyone else vanished. But after that, they too…vanishes.

He got into some trouble but he had made even more powerful friends…he got out each and every time. And then more troubles…until he assaulted a minor.

This was not his first time but this case was unusual…It was nothing like the others. He got arrested and all else failed. Money, power, friends and family tried at first until this case started bringing out several other tiny cases. Cases of rape, multiple assaults on several other minors and cyber fraud.

He got carried away in the enjoyment of life until it was too late. Most of the friends who introduced him to this lifestyle knew their ways around their actions and each of them gradually evaporated into thin air to escape being implicated.

My father would say “Remember the son of whom you are”. To me, that statement simply meant that if I got into any trouble, I was on my own.

It is always good to remember that life is unpredictable and sometimes bad things happen to even good people. Also, people who once had your back can disappoint when you need them the most.

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