Stop Maltreating Your Househelps, They Are Humans Too

What is the first thought that comes to mind when someone tells you they want to send their child as house-help to another family? That the new family will mistreat the child?

In fact, it is a stereotype that all madams torture their young housemaids. That is why most people pray for God to bless them so that poverty does not present the option of having to send their children away to go and be someone else’s maids.

Some years ago, a couple was arrested over the torture of their househelp. The young girl, in her teen, was burned with a hot iron and had pepper inserted into her private part. What did such a young girl do to deserve this cruel punishment, you may wonder?

Stop Maltreating Your Househelps, They Are Humans Too

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According to her madam and her husband, the young girl was given the madam’s baby to mind but she left the baby to fall on the ground.

Suffice to say, both the madam and her husband were locked up by the police and found guilty in court.

It is still something to wonder: how can you admit a 10 year-old to come into your house to come and live with you as a maid? A 10 year-old can barely take care of themselves yet you want them to be running your home properly like a military barrack.

If you so badly cannot do without a maid, why not employ someone much older and capable to do your housework for you?

The answer is simple, these wicked madams only want someone they can control, torture and torment without any repercussion.

What they are so quick to forget is that the young shall grow, that is if the young househelp does not even die from all that torture first. What they also forget is that for every of our actions on earth, both good and bad, there are consequences. And such consequences would definitely be served here on earth or in the afterlife.

Stop tormenting other people’s children for God’s sakes! If you are an impatient person who is also hot-tempered, do your own housechores by yourself! If your housechores are too much for you to handle, find money and pay an adult who can do them unsupervised thus saving you unnecessary headache. If you don’t have money to pay someone for the housechores, again, do them yourself!

If you keep overworking underaged girls to do your house chores while torturing them as well, one day, the long arm of the law will catch up with you and your case will be like that of the couple who burned their maid with a hot pressing iron. There is no “God forbid” here.

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