Solider Allegedly Rapes, Kills Girlfriend And Cut Off Her Finger Over Alleged Cheating

A Nigerian soldier named Jay Matol has allegedly killed his girlfriend on allegations of not being faithful enough in their relationship.

The victim, Jennifer Ugadu was said to be a 200 level student of Niger Delta University in Bayelsa. She was allegedly raped, killed and mutilated by her soldier boyfriend who then took to her department in the university to announce her death.

The soldier, Jay Matol, was said to have suspected Jennifer of cheating so he allegedly shot and stabbed her multiple times.

After the alleged killing, it is claimed that he placed her dead body on the bed and locked her inside before running away with her phone. He also allegedly severed her thumb to use it in unlocking her phone.

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He is then said to have logged on to her department’s WhatsApp group to announce that he has killed her and plans to kill himself too.

“I don kill am… I will kill myself,” a message from Jennifer’s phone posted in her department’s WhatsApp group read.

She was said to have been shot in the back and was found dead days after she was killed, as her body was already decomposing when she was found.

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