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Signs that show someone genuinely loves you

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Has it ever bothered you that you cannot tell how genuinely someone loves you?

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If they love you as they claimed, what signs should they naturally exhibit or show off?


You see, the truth of the matter is when someone claims they genuinely love you, there would be one or two signs that obviously give them away. You wouldn’t look too hard before confirming their true love for you.

Why should we look out for these signs?

We fall in love for various personal reasons. It could be for some sort of similarities for some people while for others, they just want to connect. You could love someone for their personality, charisma, physique or even their athletic abilities. Have you at some point met someone who completely sweeps you off of your feet even when you thought you were standing firm? That’s how it starts, that’s the way love begins to grow on you. Love is a beautiful thing but that begins to change when the one we thought loved us isn’t actually loving us. You don’t want to be the only one on this sheep, do you?

So should you continue to believe they love you when every other thing you feel says otherwise? What if you’re the only one in love here?

We have put these signs together below, as a guide to help in knowing whether it is the right thing to do to accept them into your life wholeheartedly.

Is the person you love loving you back? Does true love exist?

If you find yourself constantly questioning their genuineness or you are always having a feeling that what they claim to have for you isn’t coming off as natural as possible, you might just be right.

Genuine love is one that is sincerely interested in how you feel. Your well-being, your immediate and future goals, your career and other similar kinds of things. It should and be obvious of course come off naturally, it’s not forced.

Although, people differ and some people need more time for you to completely understand their nature but it shouldn’t be an eternity of studying, no. When a potential partner or friend claims that they genuinely love you, within a little time, you can tell that even when issues arise in the nearest future, you will sort it out amicably. Some, however, do sincerely need that more time.

We have listed some easy-to-note signs that show someone genuinely loves you below:


Personally, for me, safety comes first. How safe are you around them?

If someone genuinely loves you, they will ensure that you are in safe hands. Now, this does not automatically make them your bodyguard, no! The simple point is that you will feel very safe and enjoy a great level of comfort whenever you are around them.


When you have someone who is open to sincere communication, the rest is easy. Communication is a vital key for any serious relationship to survive. When you get this part right, you will be able to talk about each other’s needs which might include finances. It would also make it easy to work on each other’s shortcomings.

A person who genuinely loves you understands the need for proper communication, they will find a way around whatever their schedule is, tight or not. Mentally and physically, they will be available.


When you are feeling down and confused about which way to go next in certain situations, you would be able to count on them to lift your spirit. Their presence will give you joy because you know they won’t add to your problems. Someone who genuinely loves you will encourage you to be a better version of yourself.

You will often hear words like “You are the best darling”, “You can do it”, “Don’t stress yourself too much baby”, “You have tried”, “You will get it done on the next try”, “Let me help you with this” and so on from them…


A genuine lover will try harder to understand why you have done them any wrong at all. They wouldn’t just get angry when you are behaving in a way that is to them unpleasant or annoying, they will want to know why you became this way. They will want to know if you are simply having a difficult time or you are trying to get their attention or even pass a message before they react at all.

When someone says they genuinely love you, they most likely feel and share your pain. They make it a habit to make you feel better. Although, great care should be taken when trying to observe this sign.

You should not frequently look for ways to make them angry. Don’t create future problems for your relationship simply because you are trying to know if your partner is empathetic, this might not happen in your favour.


Love and attention go hand-in-hand. So, whether they are busy or not, someone who loves you genuinely will look for ways to give you their attention especially when you need it.

We, however, often forget that we have someone that we supposedly claim to love due to our numerous daily activities but in the actual sense of it, no true lover will demand a hundred per cent of your time and attention. So you shouldn’t at all times want them to yourself.

You, of course, know that they’ll need to work or attend to other things too. It is therefore a genuine love when someone gives you some portion of their time out of their busy endeavours.

Regardless of how busy I am, if I love and care about you, I should be able to give you attention when you need it.


One very important question worth asking is: “Does this person have my interest at heart?”.

The truth is that we all want to grow and actualise our life-long goals. Is this person showing any signs that your goals are also important to them?

When the love is genuine as they claim, they will show interest to a considerable extent in helping you grow to the best of their ability.

Other signs that show genuine love could be their respect for you, tolerance and acceptance of you. They will have some level of respect for your opinion and a great value for your privacy. Also, genuine love is not abusive.


It is true that not everyone knows how to love but a person with genuine interest will be willing to try. Because of this reason, one might find it a little difficult to immediately see some of these signs.

Also, some people can pretend for a long time to make you believe that they genuinely love you but they might be after something completely different from you. Or they might be hiding their love, care, attention, empathy or similar characteristics just so they too can really tell if they are falling in love with the right person or not. So, at times like this, there is a need for a lot of discretion, patience and understanding individually and also collectively between the lovers to sustain the relationship or even make it work at all.

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