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Should you forgive a cheating girlfriend? Why not?

by Sola Legend
Should you forgive a cheating girlfriend? Why not?

How do you forgive a girl or lady who has cheated on you multiple times?

Have you ever felt you forgave them too soon the last time?

You will often find it really difficult to move past a cheating girlfriend especially when it’s the first time.

Flashes of the ugly thing will interrupt your thinking moments and even keep you up some nights.

What bothers you is whether or not the relationship is worth saving, of what use is it.


You had plans, but now all is seeming shattered! When it first happens, especially when it seemed promising in the beginning, as a man you will begin to remember all the troubles you went through to get this girl.

In your eyes, this girl is so special or was. You will blame yourself for all the other girls you abandoned just to be with this cheater.

But, is it now over? Should it be? Just like that?

Personally, I don’t think it should.

Should you then do your own back to get even?

Still, I personally don’t think so.

So, what then should you do?

Forgiving your cheating partner, first of all, lifts a big burden off your heart. But this does not mean you have forgotten and definitely doesn’t mean that she can go on and do it again.

It just majorly allows you to think straight and that’s the first step.

It’s another thing when both of you at cheaters though. Like when both of you are seeing other people but only one person has been caught.

For so many reasons you may want to still keep the relationship. You may want to rebuild the relationship depending on what you’re getting from it. Because of this reason, you must forgive to be able to get past the mental exhaustion and frustration.

Not forgiving them can lead to so many things that affect your health like anxiety and depression. It may also alter your self-esteem negatively

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