Ric Hassani is the Cover of Man Magazine Nigeria’s Latest Issue

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ric Hassani poses calmly like the cool legitimate Prince of Africa on the cover of Man Magazine unveiled this month.

Styled by World Charming Organization and photographed by Paul Mena with makeup by Phabulous Makeup Artistry, the music star can be seen looking dapper.

Inside the feature, the singer discusses his music career, creative process, love for criticism, and hope of bringing former music duo, P-Square back together.

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Read excerpts below:

On his first involvement with music

When I was 6 years old, my sisters were in the choir. After church service, they stayed back for rehearsals. I wasn’t a part of the group but I often stayed back with my sisters. As a member of the choir, they were entitled to meat pie, but since I wasn’t a part of them, I couldn’t get any and I was usually very hungry. I knew that the only way to get one was to join the choir, so I did and I fell in love with Music.

On his love for criticism

My mum is a critic and that is her parenting tool.

On what he could change about the music industry if he had the chance

If I could change anything about the industry, I will bring P-SQUARE back together.

On the best piece of advice he has ever received 

The best advice I have ever received is from my friend Oprah Winfrey, via a YouTube video she made that I watched (lol) ‘RELAX, TRUST YOUR CREATOR, TRUST THE UNIVERSE.”

On what’s next for him

I and my friends are going to watch a movie. (lol) Actually, I can’t say it now, but definitely a third album.

See more photos from the cover feature below:

Credit: www.manmagazineng.com

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