R. Kelly’s doctor reveals that he has had herpes since 2007

R. Kelly has been in prison for the majority of the last two years on charges of racketeering and abusing the Mann Act, an anti-sex trafficking law.

He is also facing charges for child pornography in the Northern District of Illinois, and state charges for numerous counts of aggravated sexual abuse.

Prosecutors claim Kelly purposely contaminated his partners with STD. On Thursday (August 19), Kelly’s doctor of 25 years, Dr. Kris McGrath, stood up in a Brooklyn court under summon. He revealed some not really stunning news.

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As indicated by CNN, McGrath claims the troubled R&B vocalist has had herpes since 2007. However, McGrath speculated that Kelly had herpes since June 2000 because of the side effects he was encountering at that point. A lab test at first returned negative, although the test didn’t exactly state if he had herpes or not.

Subsequent to testing Kelly in June 2000, McGrath affirmed he advised Kelly to tell his sexual partners so they can settle on a choice whether to have intercourse with him.

McGrath added he recommended R. Kelly begin taking a drug called Valtrex for treatment. He clarified if a patient has outbreaks multiple times each year, they should take the drug every day.

On Wednesday (August 18), Jerhonda Pace affirmed Kelly had sexually abused her in 2009 when she was 16. She alleged following a couple of long periods of having unprotected sex with him, she had genital herpes. She noted Kelly never revealed he had herpes.

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