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#InsecurityinNigeria: NOBODY IS SAFE ANYWHERE

People going out in the morning with the mindset that they might not make it back home due to the high level of insecurity in the country. Living in Nigeria is more like being in a battlefield, not sure when a bullet would hit, not sure if they would make it back.

Lots of lives are lost every now and then in Nigeria. This is mostly in the northern part of the country where there are various bandits who just roam freely in the area. What is the government’s action to curb these bandits? Since 2011 when the first surge of bandits occurred, these bandits have been terrorizing the people in the area and neighbouring areas. Where and how do they get the weapons for their operations? Of course, they use money to fund their organizations, the mobilization, the feeding, the training, the provision of shelter for their groups, the question is where is the fund coming from?

Bandits like Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen who are major bandits in the north alongside other bandits such as the Sama’ila of bayan dutsi, Sani ba nuwanka of dagwarwas etc. have caused so much damage to this country at large.

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The most recent tragedy which occurred from the attack of these bandits is that of the Kaduna-Abuja railway bombing. Earlier In the day, a young lady had twitted saying she had just been shot and needed prayers “I’m in the train. I have been shot please pray for me”. A promising young lady who was said to be leaving Nigeria on Friday 1st April, 2022 to join her parents but right now her parents are mourning her, and yet our government is sitting comfortably in their mansions while parents, families mourn their loved ones, for promising young Nigerians who can change Nigeria in the nearest future.

Late Dr. Chinelo Nwando Megafu graduated a dental surgeon, she would have been a great asset to Nigeria and with a single strike from the bandits, we lost her.

As a parent, you’ve watched your child grow for years, being there during their hard times, the happy times, the successes, and in a matter of minutes, with the push of a single button, the parents of late Dr. Chinelo Nwando Megafu lost their treasure.

Now I would love to ask parents out there these questions, how do you think the state of her mother would be at the moment? The mother that carried her for nine months, backed her for three years, watched her grow into the beautiful young woman whom she turned out to be, who waited so long to rip the fruit of her labour. Or her father who spent millions to make sure his daughter becomes somebody in life who was set to start ripping the fruit of his great labour over his daughter In the next few years but now that has been taken away from him.

A lot of other people were also involved in this tragic incident, some of who have lost parts of their bodies, severely injured and are likely to be hospitalized for months. Can the government see all this? Are they doing anything to prevent such incidents from occurring again? How do they hope to comfort affected families? Insecurity in Nigeria is on another level, we need help. Nigerians deserve much better.

Written by: Aderonke Ojedokun

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