My ex-husband felt insecure and thought our last child wasn’t his but was shocked it was our first child – OAP Nedu’s ex-wife says (video)

OAP Nedu’s ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri has granted a video interview where she talked about the things that led to the end of their marriage. 

Uzoamaka who insisted that the DNA test was not the reason for their separation, said that they’ve been having issues prior to that.

Explaining how the media personality conducted the test, she said he became insecure and felt that their last child wasn’t his, but was shocked to know that the first child wasn’t his.

Uzoamaka who stated that she wasn’t seeking sympathy with the call out post she shared on Instagram, alleged that he has a temper and became violent one year into their marriage.

According to her, she’s been trying for so long to reach out to him to sort out his daughters’ bills, but nothing has changed.

Alleging that she got reports of Nedu cheating on her both in his office from mutual friends, she narrated how he allegedly assaulted her in the presence of his mother after accusing her of putting something in his food, just after she underwent a CS. She also alleged that even though she tried to protect him over fear of him losing his endorsements, he filed a complaint against her, alleging that she’s the one assaulting him.

On having another child while married to Nedu, Uzoamaka said she was dating another person while the media personality pestered her for a romantic relationship. She said she found out that she was pregnant while they were together and if she knew her first child wasn’t his, she wouldn’t have gotten married to him. According to her, everybody knew she was pregnant on her wedding day.

Uzoamaka also denied claims of her brother-in-law being responsible for the pregnancy and threatened to sue Comedian Osama for the claim.

She vehemently denied cheating on Nedu while married to him and also accused him of frustrating all the plans she had to work.

On what led to the breakdown of their marriage, Uzoamaka said they had communication issues and Nedu had a lot of distractions and it was after he left that she started questioning who “she got married to” because he was living a double life. Uzoamaka also alleged that Nedu introduced another lady to his family while they were still married. 

Admitting that Nedu pays their kids’ school fees, she however stated that he doesn’t know their last daughter and doesn’t care about their kids’ welfare. 

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