Movie Review: The Grey (Hollywood, 2011)

The Grey

“Once more into the fray

Into the last good fight, I’ll ever know

Live and die on this day

Live and die on this day.”

John Ottway is a marksman for an oil company. His job is to kill the grey wolves that threaten the employees of the company. On his last day, he shoots dead a grey wolf who was stalking one of the employees. That same day, he starts a letter to his wife and tries to commit suicide but doesn’t go through with the plan.

The next day, he is onboard a plane with fellow oil workers which crashes and kills some of the passengers including the pilots and the flight attendant. John rallys the other survivors together. He is attracted by what he thinks is the cry of an injured person only to be attacked by a wolf.

The others come to his rescue and kill the wolf. That night, they take turns to guard but Hernandez is killed by the wolves.

The next morning, John urges them to leave the crash site as the wolves had urinated all over as a sign of marking the site as their territory. Diaz questions John’s leadership but they eventually agree to leave the site. They search the dead men for their wallets so as to return them to their families. Adter Talget says a prayer for the souls of the dead men, they move.

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As they make their way out of the site, their legs ankle-deep in snow and the snow almost clouding their vision, Flannery falls behind and is attacked by a pack of wolves. The others go back for him but it is too late. They take his wallet and continue to walk on.

A pack of wolves approaches and the surviving five men of John, Hendrick, Diaz, Talget and Burke make a run for the trees. Then, they build a fire to deter the wolves and keep them warm. But the loud howlings of the wolves keep them in a state of unrest.

Diaz and John get into an altercation but John disarms him when he points a knife at *him*. As John raises his head up, he finds himself staring into the eyes of the Alpha male wolf who then retreats to the shadows.

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Diaz is about to apologise to John when another wolf attacks him. The group kills it and makes meat out of it. Unsatisfied, Diaz severes its head and throws it into the dark out of disrespect to the wolves’ cries.

That night, they each talk about their family and their (lack of)faith.

As they continue to make their way out searching for rescue, Burke succumbs to hypoxia and dies. Talget loses hold of a rope and crashes to the snow-covered ground. He remembers his daughter as the wolves drag him away.

Hopeless and unable to walk, Diaz tells John and Hendrick to continue without him. Hendrick drowns when his foot is trapped underwater.

Now alone and all by himself, John discovers that he is in the wolves’ lair and the group had been walking towards danger all the while and not away. He is then challenged by the Alpha male wolf.

John takes one last look at his wife’s photograph (who is revealed to be terminally ill), and recites the old poem “Once more into the fray” that was his father’s favourite as arms himself with a knife and broken bottle.

Reciting the short poem, he lunges at the wolf and the movie ends.

In post-credit scenes, the Alpha male wolf lies down dead alongside John whose fate is unknown.

I give this movie a 4 over 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The ending stunned me so that I quickly had to Google if there was an alternate ending. Presently, I have made my peace with the ending and decided it ended exactly how it should.

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