Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada(Hollywood, 2006)

The Devil Wears Prada(Hollywood, 2006)

This 2006 Hollywood movie, The Devil Wears Prada is the story of Andy an aspiring journalist who lands a role as a junior personal assistant to the editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly at Runway magazine, a job that “millions of girls would kill for”.

Andy doesn’t like the fashion industry and knows very little about it just as well but she is determined to do the best that she can while staying true to herself. Staying true to herself would imply that she was averse to dressing more fashionably to fit her role in this new company.

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Many of us can relate to Andy. She just wants to do her job while being herself. The first day she comes into the place, she is even genuinely confused as to why everyone is obsessing about their looks when they could just “be themselves”. Unfortunately, Andy, this is the fashion industry where you cannot just wear loafers, your Grandma’s skirts and no makeup. It is called the fashion industry for a reason.

The major highlights of working for the Runway magazine were meeting with the near-impossible tasks of her overdemanding boss Miranda Priestly and putting up with rude comments from her gossipy snooty coworker, Emily Charlton.

If you think about that boss whose name sends shivers down the spine of her subordinates, throws them into agitation and panic so that they switch their sliders for a pair of heels, add more lipstick to their dull lips, throw their doughnuts into the trash can, just at the whisper of her name, you have Miranda Priestly.

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Miranda is your no-nonsense workaholic boss who expects you to get things done, exactly when, where and how without telling you or giving you many details. Like a god, she is revered, highly respected and feared that a staff dare not enter the same elevator with her but if you can successfully work for her for a year, the job opportunities pouring in at your door will be endless.

Andy has to learn to adapt to her new work environment if she still nurses any hopes of pursuing her career as a journalist. Despite being embarrassed by Miranda before others and having to deal with sarcastic comments from Emily, Andy begins to put the effort into transitioning to a fashionable girl fit for her post.

Andy’s tasks are almost impossible: she has to get a flight booked for Miranda to make it to her twin daughters’ recital despite a storm that prevents all aircraft from flying; she has to get the unpublished manuscript of Harry Potter for the twins and so on and so forth. Yet, Andy starts to meet up with these tasks, slowly outperforming Emily and endearing her more to Miranda who eventually chooses her to accompany her to the Paris Fashion Week instead of Emily.

However, as Andy’s career blooms, her social life suffers and she begins to lose friendship and love.

While in Paris, Andy learns from Miranda of her impending divorce. She later spends a night with Christian Thompson who reveals a plan that preparations are to replace Miranda as editor-in-chief of Runway with Jacqueline Follet. Feeling empathetic towards Miranda, Andy tries to warn her of what she had learned howbeit unsuccessfully.

At a luncheon later that day, Miranda announces that Jacqueline is the new creative director to Holt, a revelation which stuns Andy and Nigel as that position had been initially promised to Nigel by Miranda. As they ride in the car, Miranda tells Andy that she already knew of the plan to get her out of *Runway* and so had to sacrifice Nigel to save her own job. She then says she sees herself in Andy.

Andy is horrified and when they get out of the car, she throws her pager into a fountain, leaving Miranda Priestly and *Runway* behind.

There are so many lessons to take from this movie and the outstanding performances of Meryl Streep (Miranda), Anne Hathaway (Andy), Emily Blunt (Emily) amongst others made a perfect combo of a good movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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