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Movie Review: Escape Room (Hollywood, 2019)

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Zoey, a student of physics; Ben, a stockboy; Jason, a corporate worker; Mike, a truck driver; Amanda, an ex-soldier and Danny, an escape room enthusiast all meet at an office block where a voice tells them from a cubicle that the Gamesmaster will be with them shortly.

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Prior to this, each of these persons was sent a puzzle cube and once they solved the puzzle was offered an invitation to take part in an escape room challenge for the prize of $10,000.


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Their confusion begins when Ben tries to leave the waiting room and the door handle comes off, trapping them in the building.

The participants further discover that the voice in the cubicle belongs to a dummy and the message was pre-recorded. Things start to heat up (no pun) and they discover to their dismay that the room they are in is actually an oven and would consequently fill up with fire.

They put their heads together and unlock an escape passage leading them to a cabin.

Of all the six participants, only Danny, being an avid gamer himself, is enthusiastic about the escape room games.

They unlock the door to the cabin and all file out to an icy room where the temperature is dropping. The door to the cabin shuts itself and Danny falls through a hole in the ice and drowns.

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With Danny dead and the cold threatening to kill, the remaining five find the key and unlock a door that led them out of the icy room into an upside-down billiard board bar where parts of the floorboards periodically give way down to several feet below.

The puzzle here is to find a missing 8 ball to fit the giant sliding puzzle.

This time, Amanda who gets the 8 ball throws it to Jason and falls to her death.

Zoey, Ben, Jason and Mike, the remaining participants all enter a new room that is a hospital ward. Zoey and Ben see their hospital beds in the ward and each of the participants has a flashback of surviving various disasters.

It is revealed that they are sole survivors and Zoey deduces that the aim of the escape room challenge is to determine which of them will be the luckiest of all.

As they discover that the room is about to be filled with poisonous gas, the men look for ways to solve the puzzle while Zoey refuses to join them and destroys the surveillance cameras instead.

A video clip of a heart surgeon Dr. Wootan Yu hints that the heart rate of someone is needed to escape the present room.

Mike allows himself to be shocked with a defibrillator by Jason who accidentally kills him with it. As Jason and Ben escape, poisonous gas fills the room and Zoey collapses on the floor foaming in the mouth.

In the next room, Ben and Jason are drugged and fight over an antidote in their state of hallucination. Ben kills Jason and uses the treatment on himself. He then falls into the last room where the walls close in to crush in.

Meanwhile, staff of the Escape Room enter the hospital ward to dispose of dead bodies. They see an oxygen mask, supposedly used by Zoey and as they peruse why she used it, she appears from behind and attacks them with an iron rod. She then flees the room.

A wounded Ben solves the last room puzzle and then meets with the Gamesmaster who informs him that every year, they lure players in with something in common and make them solve the puzzles while wealthy viewers bet. He then tries to kill Ben but is interrupted by Zoey and together, she and Ben kill the Gamesmaster.

They get the police involved but everything in the building left no trace of what had previously transpired making it impossible for Zoey or Ben to prove anything. Six months later, Zoey and Ben meet up for lunch and she shows him newspaper articles of the deceased participants in which their deaths were passed off as ordinary occurrences. While Ben wants to put the whole incident behind him, Zoey is determined to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, the Puzzle Maker is making preparation for Zoey and Ben for a new deadly game of survival.

The 2019 Hollywood psychological horror film was directed by Adam Robitel and written by Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik.

Rating: 3 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐

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