Mannequins Now A Crime In Kano State

The Kano State Hisbah Board has difficulty with how increasingly ‘seductive’ some mannequins look; and has now banned their use by tailors, supermarkets, and boutiques.

The Commander-General of the Kano Hisbah board, Sheikh Harun Ibn Sina, announced in a statement that the usage of mannequins by tailors, supermarkets, and others contradicts the Islamic doctrine.

He added that the board would begin on a sensitization campaign aimed at educating members of the public on how Islam frowns at the use of mannequins.

He said after sensitization, the board would begin raiding shops to remove the mannequins, illustrating their use for advert purposes as idolatry.

“We divided Kano into five areas for monitoring and implementation of the ban across the state,” Ibn Sina said.

Sharia Law

Kano is one of Nigeria’s principally Muslim states located in the north of the country, with strict abidance to Sharia law or codes.

Like most states in the predominantly Muslim north, Kano also frowns at the drinking or sale of alcohol in public places, even though its wealth from taxes is derived from alcohol sales from federal coffers.

Sharia law is an Islamic strategy of jurisprudence.

It is a religious law based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna).

Sharia stipulates both religious and secular obligations and occasionally spells out disciplinary penalties for lawbreaking.

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