Viral: Man Receives Terrible ‘Choking’ Slap from Wife During Heated Argument(video)

This viral video is evidence that some men too get abused in their relationship as we can see clearly from this video that the wife (or girlfriend) is the boss.

The video shows a man(seated) probably in his late 40s in a heated argument with a lady who appeared like his wife(standing) having an argument.

The lady who seemed like someone who is prone to anger could be heard asking for the car key to go get her bag but the man refused. Out of provocation, the heavily built lady landed the gentle ol’ man a terrible slap at the back of his balded head!!

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This almost got the man choking on his chilled beer…and while he was yet to recover from this anguish, he received a brain-blanking knock at the center of his head.

No one knows the cause of this argument but it was clear that the gentle man was being abused. And instead of retaliating, he just picked up his phone and tried to make a phone call…this just made matter worse!

Watch video below

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