Lil Wayne opens up about his mental health, his suicide attempt at age 12

Grammy-award-winning superstar, Lil Wayne spoke about his suicide attempt that almost ended his career before it started. The Young Money boss attempted to commit suicide back in 1994 at age 12. He was saved by an off-duty cop, Robert Hoobler after he shot himself with a 9mm handgun.

Dwayne Carter shot himself in the chest after his mum found out he was skipping school and was going to stop him from rapping. For years, Lil Wayne addressed the incident as an accident and refused to talk about it. However, in recent songs, he has opened up about the difficult time.

Photo Credit: Rolling stone

Lil Wayne recently participated in a YouTube series with former NFL player, Emmanuel Acho to discuss his mental health. The youtube series “uncomfortable conversations with Emmanuel Acho” revealed the chilling details of that sad day.

He revealed that he has been lying to his mom about his school activities and she found out. He recalled that his aunt had called him and disclose that his mom was aware that he was skipping school. Wayne divulged that he had so many thoughts running through his mind, so he decided to kill himself. Wayne shot himself very close to the heart and would have bled to death if not for the timely intervention of Robert Hoobler.

All through the 17 minutes video, Lil Wayne shared parts of his journey in the music industry where he contemplated quitting. He also disclosed that he met the man who saved his life and he refused to receive anything in return.

Watch the video here

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