Lanre Teriba(Atorise) Openly Condemns Tope Alabi, Prays for Yinka Alaseyori in this New Video

Gospel music giant, Lanre Teriba has openly criticized and condemned the way his colleague in the industry, Evangelist Tope Alabi publicly humiliated an upcoming artist.

In his statement which he made with full-chest boldness, Lanre Teriba emphasized that the upcoming artist, popularly known as Yinka Alaseyori should not fear anybody but should continue making her good music.

He pointed out that Tope Alabi has misspoken but this should be to her(Alaseyori) advantage. According to him, one person must fall for another one to rise, Yinka Alaseyori, it is your time to shine…he said!

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The whole drama started when Tope Alabi commented on a song by Yinka Alaseyori. The song which simply says “Oniduro Mi E Seun O” or in English, “Thank You, My Guarantor” didn’t really sit down well with the singer.

Tope Alabi publicly claimed that the song is not from the Holy Spirit as many Christians believe that a good gospel song should be inspired by the Holy Ghost himself.

In her statement in the video below, she said that the Almighty God is way bigger than a mere guarantor and that God is not her own guarantor.

This statement instantly sparked a lot of hatred for the 50-year-old evangelist who has been in the industry for over a decade. So many people condemned her action immediately on every platform. Many claimed that even if she was correct, she could have personally called the new singer and encouraged her to recompose the song.

Watch Tope Alabi’s video below:

Reacting to Tope Alabi’s outburst, Shola Allyson, another renowned gospel artist took to her Instagram page to voice her own opinion.

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Shola Allyson was the original singer of the song but she also claimed to have heard it from mama Bola Are, one of the early heavyweights of Nigerian gospel music. She posted a video of herself performing the song live and wrote the caption below:

Oníìdúró mi, Ẹ ṢÉ ooo!!!

For me and many souls which connect to this song, Oníìdúró mi, we have stories which clearly show that we would have been forgotten long ago if not for the guarantor side of The FATHER that was expressed in our lives…

I commend Yinka @adeyinkaalaseyori for making the song more accessible to souls all over the world and I wish her more help in all her doings. The song tells the story of many of us who had no backing from anyone and none to rest on or be as hiding place as to what our tomorrow would be.

I first heard this song years ago from Mama Bola Are at my home-out-of-home, @agape_pground in Akure and I immediately connected with it because, me, I would have been ridiculed, and deserted and forgotten! The song helps me express my gratitude in that respect very succinctly.

I have come to learn that we understand the concept of GOD differently, depending on how we were “given” and how much we are granted to see as we make effort to dig deeper. And that’s why I live my life devoid of divides which different abilities in understanding breed…

I don’t know much about life. I am still a learner who seeks for my mind to be renewed daily, but one of the few things I know dunjúdunjú and dájúdájú in life is that I received the help of a guarantor, an Oníìdúró from The Realms of GOD, The Almighty, at times when it was obvious that generational jànkárìwọ̀ would stall me from fulfilling destiny. Times when, as a lawful captive, foundational voices vibrated higher than my own and I was going to be consumed! I was set free by The ultimate Guarantor, Oníìdúró mi! And I became totally free to walk as I should in destiny, to grow and thrive as should be…

We see in parts. GOD, The FATHER Is revealed to us in different ways and sides depending on many things…

Concluding based on the bit we are granted to see is dangerous and not fair on humanity. There are many ways we approach GOD and there are words we use based on our limited understanding but I know that by mercy, the state of the heart is understood…
Is it not by mercy that we can approach in the first place? Remember that I am a learner…


Watch the video below

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Watch Yinka Alaseyori’s version of the song below

Watch Lanre Teriba’s reaction in the video below

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