Kayvee is nowhere to be found after “weird” behaviour last night

Kayvee, one of the new housemates, has not been seen in the house this morning. He was called into the diary room by big brother earlier today, according to a fellow housemate, Maria. He has been displaying weird behaviors since Sunday morning.


Kayvee shouted at Queen when she called him to participate in house shopping. He also exchanged words with Sammie over the same issue. He didn’t shop with the housemates and spent his time alone in the garden.

After the live eviction show yesterday, JMK had expressed her surprise over the way Kayvee hugged Liquorose during the eviction show. She also shared that he had jumped up from the bed in his sleep and it was scary.

Whitemoney further expressed concern over Kayvee’s behavior when he found out that he had turned off the washing machine that was been used by someone else. He also washed his face in the washing sink and hissed when he saw the housemates. Whitemoney later went to speak with him and pray for him.

Earlier today, the housemates were asked to clean the entire house and Kayvee was nowhere to be found. They checked the entire house but no sign of him. No one knows if he has been removed from the show or not. No words from Biggie yet, so we will have to wait and find out.

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