Is Abortion an Act of Evil Or Is It a Better Option?

Is Abortion an Act of Evil Or Is It a better Option?
FALLS CHURCH, VA - NOVEMBER 24: An abortion doula (Grace) holds hands with a patient during an abortion procedure at an abortion clinic (Falls Church Healthcare Center) in Falls Church, VA on November 24, 2017. (Photo by Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Abortion is a very sensitive subject and many people would rather say nothing about it at all while those who do are usually anti-abortion.

They argue from the line that all life begins at conception and aborting a pregnancy is no different from murdering a person. Well, while everyone has their opinions they should not try to foster their beliefs on someone else.


If abortions were legalized we would have fewer deaths related to botched abortions and women would be able to go to good hospitals to get the best of care. You say killing the fetus is wrong but have you considered the fact that the woman might not be ready to be a mother.

Not all unwanted pregnancies are as a result of ‘sex outside of marriage’, many are as results of rape. Would you advise a girl to keep the pregnancy and give birth to an innocent child that she could end up hating?

I read the story of a girl who grew up with her mother always being distant and cold towards her all because she was the result of a gang rape, the poor woman did not even know which of the rapists had fathered her child.

A girl after being rejected by the father of the baby gave birth and burnt the baby alive. Would it not have been better if she had taken the abortion route?

Some women have more children than they can ever possibly care for. Some end up as thugs, garage boys. Would abortion not have been a better option?

We have heard reports of newborn babies abandoned either in a heap of rubbish or even more unspeakable places before they could be rescued by passersby. Wouldn’t abortion have been a better option?

Girls who were raped and had children by the insurgents Boko Haram say their children are always been beaten up by victims, One even said every time she looked at her child’s face, she relieved her abuse over and over again.

Some women get abortions done when the pregnancy threatens their health and lives.

How many children as an anti-abortionist have you adopted or rescued from terrible conditions?

You judge people for getting abortions but would you in any way contribute to the needs of the child? Unless your every thought and action has been deemed beyond righteous you have no right to shame or condemn a woman for making a better choice, abortion is not a crime it is the right and choice of every woman and absolutely nobody should judge until they have walked in her shoes.

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