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If you could draw your first tattoo, where would it be?

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Have you ever considered having your own tattoo or tat for short?

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I have seen some really cool designs on highly celebrated figures like Jidenna which covers large parts of the body unlike that of Nicki Minaj drawn on a small portion of her left arm.


Some people draw tattoo to keep some memory, others just want to break some norm. Many who have not got a tattoo on any part of their body are simply scared.

Rihanna’s tattoo

In Nigeria for instance, a lady might fear that finding a good husband might become difficult if she’s got an ink. It could also be fear of getting a good job for a man. For some, it is the fear of the pain!

There are many different designs that can be made, from small, simple patterns to large, complicated pieces that cover large parts of the body.

Tattoos, however, have been used by advanced civilizations for thousands of years for a wide range of purposes, including religious, spiritual, and cultural significance as well as for ornamental purposes and self-expression.

They are made by tattoo artists, who employ specialised tools to put ink on the skin. And of course, it can be a painful procedure, and it will take several weeks for the tattoo to completely recover.

But if you don’t already have one like me, what’s stopping you?

And if you could get your first tattoo right now, on what part of your body would you prefer?

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