Elections: Commissioner of Police Dispatches 34,000 Police Personnels to Anambra State, Assures Voters of Safety

Thirty-four thousand police personnel deployed for the Anambra governorship election have arrived the State.

CP Echeng Eworo Echeng, the Commissioner of Police in Anambra State, disclosed this in a statement, where he assured voters of their safety when they go out to vote.

Echeng in a press briefing said the personnel and other necessary assets needed for the November 6 governorship poll in the State have arrived.

“Assets and boots have been deployed to the State by the IGP. The IGP is very passionate and has a psychological attachment to this election; for everything this command has asked for he has given us an addition.

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“We have support of the helicopters for aerial surveillance. We have gunboats to patrol the waterways. We have enough vehicles to operate during this election. And from tomorrow, you will be seeing us in the streets.

“We intend to dominate everywhere in this state and the dominance is to reassure the good people of Anambra that they’re secured. Everybody should come out and exercise their civic responsibility on the 6th of November.

“We are going to be very civil to them. But for the troublemakers, we are going to be firm and decisive on anybody who tries to prevent anybody from doing what is the right thing to do,” Echeng said.

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