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Effect Of Domestic Violence On the Victim

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Domestic violence is a virus that leaves its victims dejected and defeated if it does not kill them. it can occur in quite a number of ways, both in a marriage or relationship. Perpetrators of this type of violence always have a grip on their victims, and they use physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal violence to maintain that grip.

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Domestic abuse has no regard for a person’s gender, age, race, or colour. Although statistics show that women are the most common victims of domestic violence, anyone can become a victim, male or female. Children in these households are particularly vulnerable, the repercussions of domestic violence can spread from the abused partner to the children. The purpose of this article is to assess the indicators of an abusive relationship as well as the effects of domestic violence.


Signs Of An Abusive Partner

  • Do you have a relationship that disrespects you, does your partner listen to you when you express an opinion on any subject? Do they treat you with respect both inside and outside of the house? If your partner constantly tries to silence you when you try to participate in a conversation.

This would make you feel bad emotionally and lower your self-esteem even more because it implies that your perspective is not valued. If your partner treats you like this, you are better off on your own because this is one of the less visible indications of an abusive relationship.

  • When your partner tries to dominate you by threatening you if you disobey their orders. If you try to persuade them that the decision they are making has a bad impact on you, they will ignore you. Take the threats seriously because that is your cue to leave that relationship or marriage.
  • When your partner suggests that you cut ties with your friends and family. An abusive partner’s attempt to remove you from loved ones is a dubious move. If your spouse ever gives you this impression, be wary since you could be in serious trouble. This is a warning sign that you should be aware of your relationship.

Forms of Domestic Violence

1. Physical violence: The act of inflicting harm on another person is known as physical abuse. Abusers utilize a variety of methods to inflict agony on their victims, including kicking, beating, stabbing, and more. Scars, joint dislocations, bruising, and even death can result from this type of maltreatment. This type of maltreatment is common among domestic violence victims.

2. Emotional Violence: When one partner in a relationship or marriage constantly tries to embarrass the other, this is known as emotional abuse. It could be due to their weight, money, or a lack of certain lifestyle amenities. Manipulation and demeaning of one’s partner are examples of emotional abuse. Like when you are trying on a dress and your husband keeps telling you that you need to lose weight or that your stomach fat makes the dress inappropriate. Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse.

3. Sexual Violence: Sexual violence is the act of utilizing one’s power to forcibly engage in sexual activity with another person. The victim is restrained from defending themself or even calling for help. Because the victim appears to be weaker than the abuser, the abuser always gets their way.

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Effects Of Domestic Violence On The Victim

Health Conditions: As a result of domestic abuse, a victim may suffer from the most serious health problems. Some of those who are fortunate enough to live to tell the tale is covered in bruises and scars that may necessitate them to be hospitalized for treatment for a short length of time.

Psychological Problems: Domestic violence victims experience mental health issues as well. They have psychological scars as a result of their experiences. The incident’s trauma can lead to a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD or depression. In severe circumstances, it might even lead to depression, which can make the victim suicidal. Some victims of domestic violence may develop a drug addiction.

Death: Some victims of domestic violence are confronted with death. A spouse can be stabbed and left in a pool of their own blood by a partner with severe anger issues. The person will die if help does not arrive quickly enough to save the situation.

How To Handle Domestic Violence Situations

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you must first prepare to free yourself from your abuser’s clutches. Although, it is extremely difficult if you are still emotionally or financially attached to them. Do not hesitate to contact someone with whom you can share your burdens. Let someone know what you are going through, you never know who might come to your rescue. Look for support organizations for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, make your voice heard and seek help.

How To Support Domestic Violence Survivors

Domestic violence survivors can use all the assistance they receive during their recovery. Domestic violence has the potential to destabilize a person, turning them into their worst fear. They can return to a healthier, better life if they have somebody to fall back on. If you are a friend or relative of a domestic violence survivor, these are helpful ways in which you can support them:

1. Listen to them: A survivor may wish to describe their ordeal in order to hear comforting words. They also want to know that because they are protected now, their abuser will never have access to them again. The last thing they need is to be nagged about staying with or being with their abuser at the time.

2. Support them: In any manner, you can assist them. A stay-at-home parent without a source of income at the time of their abuser’s maltreatment. He or she would not be able to survive for more than a few days. If you can help them financially or with a place to stay until they can get back on their feet, please do so. You are doing a lot of good for them.

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