True Holiness Is Not By Disturbing Your Neighbours With Prayers

True Holiness Is Not By Disturbing Your Neighbours With Prayers

You know those set of people who when they lift up their voices to pray, the very foundation of the building begins to quake and vibrate. You know them, I know them, why, you may be one of them reading this article.

Their prayers usually begin at midnight when every normal person is sound asleep after a long day of hard work. Truly, midnight is the best time to offer prayers to God. Everywhere is calm and peaceful and you can communicate with your Creator. Underline “communicate”.

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For this set of people who disturb others with their prayers, communication is the last thing on their minds. Take, for example, you’re having a discussion with your friend or an acquaintance, what makes the conversation interesting and engaging is the other person’s response. When you are basically shouting in someone’s face, a normal human being will politely excuse you and leave you to your madness.

It is just like that with prayer. When you pray to God, you should do so with the expectation of immediate feedback for Him. In the Bible, when God wanted to commune with the prophet Elijah, a strong wind, an earthquake and a fire came but God was not in any of those. He communed with Elijah in a still small voice.

The atmosphere of prayer should be calm and quiet and whoever is praying should pray while listening carefully for God’s voice. Pray, tell, how you hear God’s voice when your prayer sessions are like soldiers fighting in a war. I know you may say you are killing your enemies but be truthful, if your loud aggressive prayers really did work, why do you have to pray against them again and again?

You see, you cannot kill your enemy in prayers. Only God has that power and He gives such power to those who pray according to His will.

Jesus also gave an example of how two men went to the temple to pray. One lifted his voice so loud that everyone around could know his prayer while the other bent his head low and quietly prayed to God. The lesson in this particular parable is humility which sadly so many prayer warriors seem to have tossed in the trash because they are so fixated on destroying the powers of darkness.

And then for some prayer warriors, it is more about eyeservice so that they can be seen as holy.

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