Depression is Killing Most of You, Nina Replies Critics Over Her General Body Surgery

Media personality and influencer Nina Ivy has taken to her Insta story to respond to critics over her plastic surgery. Some critics had claimed that Koko(Khloe) introduced Nina to her surgeon and is also having her body reworked.

The reality star claimed that Koko was only at her place on a visit to the hospital after her butt enlargement procedures since she was in Miami at the time.

In her words,

“Guys get ur facts right. Koko dint link me up with my surgeon and she isn’t getting another surgery. She only came to visit me at my recovery home. Ya all know that she her body done already and she was in Miami linkup happened. I picked my surgeon myself…

“Alot of you are hypocrites, most of you be suffering depression coz you don’t want your current body and no money for surgery, coz you cant afford one. So all you gotta do is sit and judge. Sis I got my body done, I took out my fat and put it were I need it more and damn this my new body is killing. I did it for me and not for any of you…”

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