Demand for coffins escalates in Kenya due to COVID-19

Coffin makers in Kenya have revealed that they are busier than ever. Kenya is currently experiencing a fourth wave of the deadly pandemic.

For the past few weeks, hospitals in Kenya have been dedicated to combatting COVID-19. The nation has recorded over 20 deaths per day and coffin makers are having a difficult time keeping up. They have pleaded with the people to take the vaccine as the demand for coffins to bury loved ones has skyrocketed.

Many hospitals in Kenya are refusing new patients because of lack of rooms. They are also battling lack of resources to handle critical cases. Mount Kenya hospital revealed to CNN that it is really tough to deal with. Even with the new equipments installed at the hospital, it is still hard on the doctors and the unending patients.

The doctors shared that most of the patients are refusing the vaccine. Eudiah Wang’ombe, one of the doctors, revealed that some of the citizens believe the vaccine comes with issues, hence they won’t take it. He added that there has been a lot of misinformation concerning the vaccine and it is making the citizens avoid it.

Coffin makers have also revealed that they now have to make more than three coffins per day and it is exhausting. They advised the people to take the vaccine to combat the virus. The coffin makers revealed they have had to add extra hands to produce more coffins.

Kenya has also battled a lack of vaccines supply. They have gotten only 3.6 million doses of vaccine and that will only go round for roughly 3.5% of the population.

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