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Dear Poor Person, Rich People Make Clean Money

Bukola is a young girl who studies at a Nigerian university. Even though she is from a humble background, Bukola is a very generous person.

She is known for sharing what she has and giving out to her fellow students. Most times, Bukola does not have enough for herself but should she meet someone who doesn’t have anything for themself, she is willing to share the little she has.

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Time passes and Bukola graduates from school and gets married. She is soon pregnant. The day of delivery arrives and Bukola and her husband are forced to go to a private hospital nearby. But they wouldn’t attend to Bukola until a certain amount of money is deposited. Bukola’s husband does not have a dime in his pocket. They plead and beg but it all falls on deaf ears.

Unfortunately, while Bukola’s husband runs around to get money, Bukola loses the child. They return home childless.

Two weeks later, Bukola’s neighbour has her own baby but barely enough to cater for the child. Bukola, still as generous as ever, brings out the few clothes she bought for the child she lost, and gives them to her neighbour.

Years later, Bukola is no longer the Bukola of yesterday. She and her husband now own one of the largest companies in the country. Her story has changed dramatically. She is now blessed with five children of her own. But you won’t believe it, she has many detractors. Some even say she sacrificed her first child for wealth.

Now, some people will sit down comfortably and begin to make nasty comments about the wealth of others.

“Did you see Pastor and Mummy Ikebudu’s new car? Hei, people can be so materialistic.”

“Sister Sola wore a new shoe to work yesterday. How many shoes should one person have?”

“Brother King is always wearing different ties to each meeting. What is he trying to tell us?”

“Bishop Oyedepo is just buying private jets like water. Why isn’t he helping the poor?”

And so on, and so on. Please instead of sitting down in one corner, saying nasty things about some people, ask yourself: what am I doing to help others? Why do you close your eyes to that girl who wears the same pair of shoes to church every Sunday? Or the little boy who wears the same jumper to Fellowship?

Some of us prefer to judge and condemn others for the very thing we are guilty of.

Some will even say, “God knows I’m just managing so I don’t have enough to give out.”

Well, you don’t need to have all the wealth in this world to reach out to somebody. You can start with the little you have.

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In church, when it comes to personal supplication, some people pray down the whole building. “Lord, give me that car!” “Father, I want that house in Victoria Island.” “I claim the job in Abuja in Jesus’ name.”

But do we wonder why God seldom answer those prayers? Because we have not done what we were commanded. Give and you will receive not receive and you will give.

Unfortunately, why many poor people will die in their poverty is because they still think there is never enough for them to give to another.

In this life, we are blessed to be a blessing.

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