Dear Husband, Leave That Sidechick and Go Back To Your Wife

Kpom! Kpom! Kpom! The other day, we called a married women-only meeting. Today is for the married men but before we proceed, look at the title of this article: please, if you know it doesn’t apply to you, kindly dust your buttocks and take your leave. The rest of you may sit.

Dear married man sir, I know society has told you since you were little that you are the alpha. Na you be the man and once you marry, your woman gets to respect and submit to everything you say or do. This reasoning is what has given you the boldness to cheat on your wife over and over again without caring a kobo what her feelings over your adultery may be.

Dear Husband, Leave That Sidechick and Go Back To Your Wife
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You keep making statements like, “For every man in this world there are 10 women, so why should I be chained to one woman for the rest of my life? Why eat only egusi when I can have “efo riro”, “afang soup and ofe nsala” as well?”

First of all, you are not the only one that likes quality soup but have you ever considered if your wife thought the same as well? Wait o, before you start shouting, you don’t know that married women cheat as well? Ha!

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Okay, why are you angry? I say, why are you shouting now? But you cheat all the time so why is the thought that your wife just may be cheating on you getting you all worked up so?

I will tell you why: no matter how much we whitewash this matter, no matter how much we try to normalize it, the truth is cheating on your partner is morally wrong in the eyes of God and man. Why? Because it hurts the other partner and kills them slowly. Because it destroys trust and creates room for bitterness, hatred, and anger.

Dear Husband, Leave That Sidechick and Go Back To Your Wife
Photo by Hebert Santos from Pexels

Sir, leave Sisi Peperempe alone and go back to your Mrs. Go back and apologise to her. Humble yourself and ask God for forgiveness and help. Cut off all contacts with people that may likely draw you back to that awful lifestyle. Be ready to accept the consequences for your actions and be prepared to make amends for past hurts.

That money of yours, start spending it on Madam. Take her shopping, buy her gifts and watch as she transforms to a more beautiful version of herself that you had longed forgotten existed.

Marriage is always beautiful and easy when both partners respect and treat each other well.

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