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Throwback Music: Burna Boy: Ye

Throwback Thursday: Burna Boy’s “Ye” Ignites the World with Its Afrobeat Fire

Welcome back to another edition of Throwback Thursday, where we revisit iconic moments in music history. Today, we dive into the timeless masterpiece that shook the global music scene – Burna Boy‘s electrifying hit, “Ye.” Released in 2018 as part of his album “Outside,” this track set the world ablaze with its infectious rhythms, empowering lyrics, and irresistible afrobeat vibes.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive the magic of “Ye.”


From the moment the opening notes hit, “Ye” mesmerized listeners with its pulsating beats and captivating melodies. Burna Boy, a Nigerian musical sensation, demonstrated his artistic brilliance in crafting a song that seamlessly blended traditional African sounds with modern influences, creating a unique sonic experience.

At the heart of “Ye” lie the powerful lyrics that struck a chord with fans worldwide. Burna Boy’s heartfelt plea, “I no want die, I no want suffer,” echoed the universal desire for a better life, free from hardship and pain. These words became an anthem for dreamers and fighters, resonating deeply with individuals striving to overcome challenges and realize their ambitions.

One of the most memorable moments in “Ye” comes with Burna Boy’s reference to Nigerian business magnate Aliko Dangote. As Burna Boy hustles “like Aliko Dangote,” he pays homage to the legendary figure, emphasizing the importance of hard work, determination, and the pursuit of success. This clever inclusion not only adds a cultural flair but also showcases Burna Boy’s pride in his Nigerian heritage and his aspirations to reach the highest echelons of the music industry.

“Ye” was not merely a hit song; it became a cultural phenomenon that swept across the globe. From Lagos to London, New York to Nairobi, the infectious energy of “Ye” united music lovers of all backgrounds, transcending language barriers and forging a bond through the power of rhythm and melody. It became a regular fixture in clubs, parties, and festivals, setting dance floors ablaze with its irresistible grooves.

Beyond its commercial success, “Ye” catapulted Burna Boy into the international spotlight. It marked a turning point in his career, earning him critical acclaim and recognition as one of Africa’s most talented and influential artists. The song’s impact extended beyond the charts, sparking conversations about African music’s global reach and opening doors for collaborations with renowned artists from around the world.

Even today, years after its release, “Ye” retains its allure. It stands as a testament to Burna Boy’s artistry and his ability to create music that transcends time and place. Its afrobeat fire continues to burn brightly, inspiring new generations of musicians and reminding us of the power of music to unite and uplift.

So, as we reflect on the magic of Burna Boy’s “Ye,” let’s celebrate the transformative power of music. Let its infectious rhythms and empowering lyrics reignite our spirits, reminding us to chase our dreams fearlessly and embrace the beauty of diversity.

Quotable Lyrics:

Oluwaburna, ehn-ehn, Ye Ye Ye
Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye
Ye, ehn-ehn, Ye Ye Ye
Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye
Ye Ye, Ye Ye
Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye
Ye, ehn-ehn, Ye Ye Ye
Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye

My nigga, what’s it gon’ be?
G-Wagon or de Bentley?
The gyaldem riding with me
I no fit, die for nothing
My nigga what’s it gon’ be
G-Wagon or de Bentley
The gyaldem riding with me
I no fit

The legacy of “Ye” lives on, forever etched in the annals of musical greatness.

Listen to “Burna Boy – Ye” MP3 song below:

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