Moment A Bride Chased Off Bridesmaid Twerking On Her Groom At Their Wedding Reception (Video)

A viral video has shown the moment a bride chased away one of her bridesmaids who was rocking and twerking on her groom at their wedding reception.

The bride, as seen in the video quickly stepped in between them and pushed her aside. This, however, doesn’t seem to have any effect on the said bridesmaid. She went back to the groom, twerking and this time more vigorously before the bride came to separate them again.

The groom did not respond the whole time but continued to dance enthusiastically with the bridesmaid. The video has sparked various reactions on the internet as social media users question whether the marriage was real.

@pinzle_ceo wrote: “Is this a staged wedding 😂😂

@ceejay_ojokwu wrote: “Shey the man dey mad or something? He wan end marriage wey never start”

@taarriiqqqq wrote: “Some people don’t know when/where to draw the line between cruise and utter disrespect”

@mr_scott1 wrote: “He belongs to the street!!! Very stubborn groom”

Watch the viral video below:


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