Blackberry OS phones cease operation today, January 4th

Tech giant, Blackberry Ltd has ended all functionality of their classic OS phones today, 4th of January 2022.

The Canadian firm, now focusing on software licencing and cyber-security have decided to turn off all its support for the BlackBerry OS.

One contributing factor to the close of operations for the Blackberry OS would be the advent of touchscreen phones without any physically attached keypad(which of course takes up space). Apple iPhones and the overwhelming demand for rival Android devices, smartphones from the likes of Samsung, HTC, etc also contributed to the extermination of the once-respected brand. It is definitely the end of an era!

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Blackberry OS phones cease operation today, January 4th

For current users, the company warned that the devices will henceforth lack the ability to receive over-the-air provisioning updates as the functionality will no longer be expected to reliably function. Browsing the internet and making phone calls will no longer be possible. It added that most other applications will also have limited functionality.

Although every other model of blackberry will cease to get functionality support, the 2016 Blackberry-branded phones, will still work as they use the Android operating system. They were made under licence by the Chinese firm, TCL.

BlackBerry was founded as “Research In Motion” by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin in 1984.

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