#BBNaija: Beauty and Groovy make up after first denial in truth or dare

Beauty and Groovie after first denial in truth or dare

In their usual manner, the Level Up Level 2 housemates gathered this night for the truth or dare game and as usual, a lot went down. Little truths and more dares…you know the drill.

From Bryann’s worst sex experience to him seducing and grabbing some of what Ilebaye carries(you know what i mean) all the way to Beauty denying Groovy his highly anticipated kiss(guy wasn’t at all happy).

Talking about Groovy…Beauty came back actually!

She came back strong and prepared with a kiss and more(for same groovy of course). Actually, she wasn’t initially completely in the game as she had to prepare dinner…or whatever it’s called(it was 2 am, can’t be dinner really).

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So, when she was dared to give Groovy a mouth kiss the first time, even though she came all the way down from the kitchen, she just wasn’t comfortable with it. They(Groovy and Beauty) gave it a try but Groovy relunctantly said it was fine if she wasn’t down for it and…Beauty walked away…yes she did.

The game went on and Beauty served dinner and then she was dared again to kiss Groovy. No excuses this time, gallantly, she climbed unto him and magic happened…see video below:

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