#BBNaija: Saga Worried, Housemate Begins Ultimate Search for Nini as She Suddenly Goes Missing

In total compliance with Biggie’s task, Nini has gone missing from the BBNaija house and Saga seem to be worried and dying

Fellow housemates have searched everywhere in the house including under the pillow, LOL!

Saga, the loverboy has been at the door of Biggies diary room all night, knocking and shooting Nini’s name. Angel even tried to eavesdrop to hear if Nini had been with Biggie in the diary room all along.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Big Brother had tasked Nini to secretly disappear from the house for 24 hours, a top-secret mission! She has gone missing now for over 2 hours…

Some of the housemates already believe it’s a prank from Big Brother. Pere for one already concludes that if it’s actually a prank, he trusts Nini to follow through to the end.

Saga simply wants Biggie to give clarifications for the sake of his health. He was quoted at some point saying “What I’m supposed to do with my life without Nini…

Meanwhile, Nini is chilling in an all-white apartment provided by Biggie with a CCTV view of what is happening with the rest of the housemates.

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