BBNaija Reunion: Yes, She Gave Me a Bl** J** but I had a Swollen Di** the Next Morning — Brighto

After Dorathy’s confession and confirmation that she indeed gave Brigtho a Bl** J**, Dorathy also explained how Brighto was ‘cold‘ to her the next morning.

She insisted that courtesy demanded him to have been a little nicer to her after everything that had happened the previous night.


Reacting on the show to this allegation of being ‘cold’, Brighto insisted that that was his kinda person.

However, earlier today, Brighto took to his Twitter handle to give the real reason why he was cold to her afterward. He claimed that he had a swollen d**k right after the mouth action.

In his words, Brighto said:

She gave me a bl** j**, and the next morning I had a swollen D*ck, I gaz japa😓

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