#BBNaija: Punishments and Nominations for Eviction, and Deputy Head of House, week 5

The Punishment

There have been a lot of violations of rules in Biggie’s house and this shouldn’t go unpunished.

Before the commencement of the weekly nominations after the head of house challenge, Big Brother quickly addressed some violations of rules that has been going on for too long.

Virtually all housemates were found guilty of one thing or the other but JMK, Maria, and Pere were particularly punished for continuous microphone infringement. The three were all issued a strike and sternly warned to desist from masking their conversations.

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Biggie also promised the rest of the housemates a lighter punishment which will be conveyed to them tomorrow.

The Nominations for Eviction

The housemates took turn into the diary room to nominate two housemates for possible eviction come Sunday

Below is the list of their nomination:

  1. Queen: Pere and Peace
  2. Michael: Angel and JMK
  3. Cross: Pere and Sammie
  4. Liquorose: Cross and Peace
  5. JayPaul: Pere and Maria
  6. Emmanuel: Peace and Pere
  7. Tega: Saga and Peace
  8. Nini: Sammie and JMK
  9. Saskay: Boma and Pere
  10. Boma: JMK and Pere
  11. Saga: Sammie and Queen
  12. Whitemoney: Pere and Peace
  13. Angel: Queen and Michael
  14. Yousef: JayPaul and Queen
  15. Peace: Queen and Emmanel
  16. Sammie: Pere and Maria
  17. Jackie B: Pere and Angel
  18. Pere: Michael and JayPaul
  19. JMK: Pere and Maria
  20. Maria: Queen and Whitemoney

At the end of all nominations, the following housemates were selected for possible eviction

  1. Pere
  2. Queen
  3. Peace
  4. Sammie
  5. JMK
  6. Maria

Liquorose used her Veto power to save Peace, replacing her with Cross.

Deputy Head of House

After Liquorose won the head of house challenge this night, the next thing was for her to choose her deputy, and she however chose Saga as her deputy. Saga in turn chose Nini to share exclusive access to the executive lounge with him.

Unfortunately, Liquorose is on suspension from entering the HoH room leaving Saga and Nini.

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