Bbnaija: “Get out of the kitchen, Angel”- Queen blows hot

Bbnaija Shine Ya Eyes housemates, Angel and Queen exchanged words in a heated food clash. It was Angel’s turn to cook since HOH, Pere removed Whitemoney from kitchen duties. The food was not ready on time, according to Queen and it got her upset.

BBNaija Queen

She went ahead to pour her frustration on Angel who wasn’t having it. Queen shouted, “get out of the kitchen, Angel. Stupid thing”. Angel replied immediately “cook for yourself. Since you can’t be nice, cook for yourself”. Queen and Angel went on to tell their versions of the clash to different housemates.

Bbnaija Angel

Angel’s Version of The Food Clash

Angel told Nini that she had brought out the remaining stew from the freezer to defrost but it hadn’t. In her defence, she said “What do you propose I do? Should I turn myself into a stew?” She added that she had attempted to wake fellow housemate, Princess multiple times to join her in making Okro soup but she had replied that she would do that after the task. She went further to say that all the housemates were hungry and Queen shouldn’t be shouting at her because she can’t make the stew defrost faster.

Queen’s Version of The Food Clash

Queen complained that she had only had cornflakes for breakfast and as such, she was very hungry. She stated that she had met with Pere, the current Head of House and he asked her to meet with Angel since she was in charge of cooking for the day. Queen argued that she met with Angel and she told her she would make Okro soup after their task which she accepted. She said she got angry when she went to the kitchen and no food was ready and Angel told her to make her own food. She explained “All of a sudden, she said that if I want to cook, I should enter the kitchen and cook for myself. Is she okay?”

Queen continued to shout about the food issue while Angel kept mute.

Bbnaija Queen

This kitchen drama occurring repeatedly is coming after Pere removed Whitemoney from the Kitchen. The housemates were already experiencing food shortages but it became terrible after Whitemoney left the Kitchen.

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