Are You Not Mad Like This?? Actress Jemima Osunde Asks Twitter User Who Told Her to Prepare for Incoming Battle Over Wedding Gifts a Lady Received from Her Husband

Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde has tackled a Twitter user over a comment made about a lady who had received land and money as wedding gifts from her husband.

It all began when the lady revealed that most of the people upset about her receiving a piece of land and N1m as wedding gifts from her husband are men.

Reacting to this revelation, a Twitter user told her that getting those kinds of gifts does not necessarily mean that their union would be blissful. The user claimed that people are elated by what looks good on the outside, she asked the lady not to get carried away and prepare for “battles” coming her way.

Jemima Osunde is a 25-year-old actress, model and presenter who rose to prominence after her appearance as “Laila” in the fourth season of the TV series, Shuga.

Read the conversation below:

Reacting to the tweet, Jemima Osunde questioned the Twitter user’s sanity. She initially wondered if he was a “mad” person but then went on to conclude that he must be.

See the exchange below……………….

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