Are You Indeed the Father Of Your Children?

Are You Indeed the Father Of Your Children?

Sometimes ago, the world celebrated fathers. People littered their Facebook, Instagram timelines, WhatsApp statuses etc with heartfelt messages celebrating their fathers, husbands, stepfathers, and the father figure in their lives. It was indeed a day to remember how valuable these men are in the lives of the people around them.

But the day was not without its own troubles. Evangelist and singer, Ositadinma Muolokwu was exposed as an adulterous man by a hacker who hacked his Facebook account.

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The hacker littered his wall with screenshots of dirty messages the so-called Evangelist exchanged with women. Now, here is where it gets interesting: all the women who were exchanging flirtatious and dirty messages were all married women!

This now brings us to a more interesting conversation: Every day on social media, we see stories of “Dear Joro, my husband is cheating on me what should I do?” It is mostly women (who choose to remain anonymous, of course) that come on social media to tell Joro on Instagram or Amanda on Facebook stories of how their husbands are constantly cheating on them.

When you see or hear these stories, you not only feel sorry for the women, your mind (begins to) forms the strong opinion that all men cheat. In fact, you don’t even need to hear stories sef, you see so many men around you happily cheating on their wives.

So it may throw you off balance when you saw the screenshots on Ositadinma’s wall because the people he was cheating on his wife were married women!

Here is the unpopular truth: women are just as good in the cheating game as men are. The only difference is that women are more calculated and will cover up their tracks so that it is harder to even so much as suspect them.

Are you still doubting? Let me tell you another unpopular truth: did you know that Nigeria has the highest statistics of paternity fraud in the world?

What is paternity fraud? This is when a married woman conceals the fact that her child is not for her husband. This means that a man can take care of children that are not biologically his for years without his knowledge.

So if you as a married man think that you are doing your wife by cheating on her with different mistresses because you “cannot be eating only one kind of soup for the rest of your life”, chances are you are not even the father of your children to begin with!

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