Apart From Having Sex Together, What Other Things Should a Man and His Wife Do to Have a Balanced Marriage?

Tides are changing and cultural norms are being forgotten. Asides these, there are so many things missing in today’s marriages.

While some argue about boundaries in marriages, for others it is the lack of unconditional love from the other side. You might even hear stuff like “I never knew she lacked manners”.

The husband wants to be respected, the wife wants to be loved. But if we put individual preferences aside and focus on building a strong and reliable family, how can we achieve a united family?

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Somebody once said and I quote: “husband and wife that don’t Bath and eat together but only sleep together are severely missing the balanced diet in their Marriage“.

The quote above emphasized sex and bathing together but what are the other things that a couple must do to balance things up in their Marriage?

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