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An ex-Meta worker claims she was paid $190,000 in annual salary to do nothing at Facebook

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An ex-worker at Meta is trending with claims she was paid $190,000 in annual salary to do nothing at Facebook.

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According to an employment influencer and career coach by the name of Maddie Macho who was a former staff of Facebook, throughout her time working for the company that is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, she performed very little actual work.


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In a TikTok clip, Maddie said: “When I was working at Meta and I was a recruiter and we weren’t expected to hire anyone for the first six months, even the first year.

“This is something they tell you when you start.

“That really blew my mind, I was like, perfect, I’m just going to ride this out for a year.”

Maddie explained that she spent this time undergoing the company’s “thorough” onboarding process.

“We had so many team meetings. Why are we meeting? We’re not hiring nobody!

“Also I was on a team where everybody was new so none of us were hiring anybody. We were all just trying to figure out things none of us knew the answer to. I’d ask my boss and she’d be like ‘I don’t know’ cos she was there too.”

Maddie added: “I really miss it. I wasn’t doing sh*t pretty much. That was nice.”

Last month, Meta stated that the firm will be freezing new recruiting and cutting another 10,000 jobs across all of its divisions.

Back in November, the tiny Mark Zuckerberg dorm room project, Facebook which has now grown the world over, laid off another 11,000 employees.

According to Zuckerberg, the severe measures are part of a “year of efficiency” at the company, which has seen its revenues plummet over the last several years.

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