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Trauma: After 4 years of friendship, man sues woman for £1.9($2.3) million for refusing to be his girlfriend

by Sola Legend
Four years into their connection, a man sues a woman for not agreeing to become his girlfriend.

Four years after their close friendship, a businessman sues a woman for £1.9($2.3) million for not agreeing to become his girlfriend.

After being denied, K Kawshigan, a director at the drone startup D1 Racing, sued Nora Tan Shu Mei twice, claiming that her actions had hurt his “excellent reputation” and led to the loss of at least five business partnerships.

In a countersuit, Ms. Tan is requesting the money she claims she used to protect her house from Mr. Kawshigan and for counselling sessions.


The woman claims that in order to protect herself from the unwanted suitor, she had to install a digital door viewer, an alarm sensor, and a smart video doorbell. She is asking for roughly £900 in order to pay for the equipment as well as future counselling.

Mr. Kawshigan had sued Ms. Tan twice after their friendship ended when she informed him that she only saw him as a friend. This was revealed according to a magistrates’ court decision issued on January 28 by Channel News, Asia.

He first filed a lawsuit against Ms. Tan for 22,000 Singapore dollars (about £13,700), alleging that she had “breached an agreement” to mend their relationship. However, the magistrates’ court dismissed the case as an abuse of the legal system.

According to CNA, the court ruled that it would not be considered an accessory to Mr. Kawshigan’s “planned endeavour to coerce engagement” from Ms. Tan.

Currently, Mr. Kawshigan is suing Ms. Tan in the Singapore High Court for 3 million Singapore dollars (£1.9 million) for a number of damages he alleges she caused him, including the trauma he claims he experienced when she claimed she only saw him as a friend.

According to a listing at the Singapore High Court, the case is set for February 9.

The two friends became pals after they first met in 2016. It is believed that both of them belonged to the Rotary Club of Bugis Junction.

Their friendship, according to Ms. Tan, started to deteriorate when they “got misaligned about how they understood their relationship.”

According to Ms. Tan, she told Mr. Kawshigan that although she merely saw him as a friend, he thought of her as his “closest buddy.” Later, Ms. Tan expressed her desire to limit their social interactions.

Mr. Kawshigan who is a director at the drone racing organisation D1 Racing, charged Ms. Tan with making false statements about him between June 2019 and December 2020.

He claims that she made untrue accusations and that those in attendance overheard their chats. He asserts that Ms. Tan told him she felt harassed as a result of his conduct, which included obstructing her on a doorstep.

She allegedly insulted Mr. Kawshigan by yelling, “He is needlessly serving court paperwork to me personally and he has not tried other options accessible to him,” according to Mr. Kawshigan.

He claimed that in July 2022, she was speaking near a microphone and that other individuals in the area could hear her.

He asserts that Ms. Tan’s actions damaged his “excellent reputation,” caused him “trauma,” and led to “depression” during the previous two years.

In addition, he asserts that the continuous conflicts have caused him to lose five business partnerships and that he is currently having trouble acquiring new customers.

According to the news source, Ms. Tan disputes many of Mr. Kawshigan’s assertions in her countersuit, which CNA has access to.

She claims that from November 2016 to September 2020, they started to argue and have ideas that do not align, which harmed their relationship.

According to her, at this point she requested to meet less frequently and communicate with him, and she informed Mr. Kawshigan that their relationship was limited to friendship when he prompted her to do so.

She claims that following this, she ignored requests for mediation.

She claims she learned about Mr. Kawshigan’s appearance outside her house in October 2020 and his claim that he had filed court papers against her.

Ms. Tan claims that a lady posing as Mr. Kawshigan’s counsellor called her. Ms. Tan claims the woman and Mr. Kawshigan attended combined counselling sessions up to that point.

May 2021. Likewise, she consented to participate in group “healing” sessions that began in November 2021 and continued until May 2022 after being contacted by a person posing as Mr. Kawshigan’s healer.

When Ms. Tan declared she did not want to speak to him any longer, as he allegedly claimed “pushed him to escalate,” Mr. Kawshigan filed a high court lawsuit.

Ms. Tan claims that after receiving emails purporting to be from Mr. Kawshigan’s attorneys, she was later contacted by a journalist regarding a high court case.

Additionally, she claims that in July 2022, Mr. Kawshigan appeared outside her home with a woman and would not go when she asked him to.

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