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5 Qualities that Make a Relationship Great

by Sola Legend

A good relationship is one in which the partners are honest with each other about their feelings and go out of their way to make the other person happy. It is not always simple due to misunderstandings, and many people must realize that while there is no such thing as a flawless relationship, the difference between a good relationship and a bad relationship is the ability to clear the air and get back on track.

A good relationship might have problems, but partners know how to overcome whatever obstacles they face. When a relationship is good, both partners can deal with disputes and manage them effectively. This mantra can be applied to many types of relationships, including friendships, acquaintances, and even romantic relationships, but this article focuses on the latter.

Qualities Of A Good Relationship

To have a good relationship, both parties must put out conscious effort. Due to differences in origin, environment, and religious beliefs, most couples struggle to develop all of these attributes.

When two individuals get together as a pair, they are coming from different worlds to coexist, therefore having a good relationship will take some learning, relearning, and unlearning.

1. Mutual Respect: In a relationship, respect is extremely important. A spouse who does not respect the other may not see the damage in breaking the boundaries that were established at the start of the relationship.

Boundaries exist in every relationship, for most, they are a code that keeps both parties in check. If a woman in a relationship decides to spend the night out with her friends and then begins to pay attention to another man, she has broken a code and is not respecting the boundaries within her relationship.

The same goes for a man who sees no wrong in going off-limits with other women while in a relationship, mutual respect exists when partners can maintain a positive attitude even when they are not together.

2. Honesty: Honesty is the foundation of a good relationship, when partners are honest with one another, they create space for healthy dialogue. When one partner is known for lying, it creates a barrier between the two of them, and they are unable to agree on anything.

This is why honesty is a valuable attribute in a good relationship. It is common knowledge that lying makes things more difficult and it does not help that it cannot end with one or two lies. As a rule of thumb, after the first lie is uttered, it is necessary to tell another and another until the situation becomes suffocating. Good and healthy relationships flourish when partners stay honest with each other.

3. Support: Support can take many forms, including moral, financial, and emotional support, as humans, we all need help in any way we can receive it. Some partners do not require financial assistance, but there may be an emotional void that a loving partner can cover by always being there for them.

If your partner receives a rejection letter, they will be disappointed. In this scenario, being there for them does not imply travelling to the firm or institution that issued your partner a rejection letter in an attempt to persuade them that your spouse is important to them.

Being there for them can be as easy as buying your spouse lunch if they refuse to eat, assuring them that they are important and that better possibilities await them. These are simple things that make a relationship worthwhile and strengthen the bond between partners.

4 kindness: Kindness is a character attribute that every person should possess, and it is required of them to bring it into every relationship they enter. You would not hesitate to be kind to your partner once you learn how much happiness a small act of kindness can bring them. It might be a piece of clothing, jewellery, or footwear if your partner has inadvertently indicated something they would have.

It is an act of kindness if you pass by a store selling this item and decide to buy it for your partner. They did not mandate it; they simply mentioned it during a conversation, and you took it as a cue to buy it, this would make your partner extremely happy. It could even be something as easy as assisting someone with an assignment because they have a lot on their plate and the deadline is fast approaching. In a relationship, there are numerous ways to be kind.

5. Sacrifice: This is a difficult one, and it frequently causes conflict between partners since, unlike making a compromise, which requires both partners’ participation. Sacrifice is a one-way street in which one partner must give up something to meet their partner halfway in the relationship. In certain relationships, situations arise that place one person at a crossroads and the relationship’s continuation may be dependent on this.

For example, suppose your boyfriend has plans to meet up with his buddies and you call him on the spur of the moment to have dinner with him when he is meeting with the fellas. He must now choose which one he will sacrifice for the other and if he decides to cancel the arrangement with his pals. He made a sacrifice to spend time with you rather than his buddies, which can be difficult because he shares a bond with them as well, but he chose you.

Final Thoughts

These attributes come together to build a good relationship, just as diverse components come together to make a delicious dish. There will always be a void without these qualities, but when both parties make a conscious decision to improve things. With time, the relationship can take on a new shape, becoming healthier and better.

If you have been respecting your partner, showing them kindness, and supporting them with these acts being reciprocated then you are in a good relationship. All you have to do is to maintain these qualities, and you will no longer be unsure whether your relationship is good or not.

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